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How To Find A Puggle Dog by Gage Killian

How To Find A Puggle Dog
 by: Gage Killian
For those of you who don't know what a " Puggle " is, a puggle is a mix-breed dog in which a pug dog is bred with a beagle.
Puggles have been the biggest rage in Hollywood as well as dog breed lovers alike.
Many ask where to find a good puggle dog and we have some good puggle answers. Puggles belong to the family of mixed breed dogs known as Designer Dogs and are often very expensive if bought at a pet shop. The problem with just buying these dogs from a pet shop is that there are many great mixed breed dogs that can easily be found at your local animal shelter or humane society.
I recently inquired about finding such dogs at a local shelter and they will even take down a wish-list of the type of dog you would like, so when your puggle shows up (or any other dog for that matter), you will be promptly notified. This is definitely a very humane method that gets overlooked often. Many upon many dog lovers have found their best companion from a animal shelter in which they would have been doomed for sure.
If you need a puggle puppy for sale quicker, check the paper, check the pet stores, check specific breeders of puggles but always remember to learn about their genetic history first.
A common problem that often exist is that people who are not commonly breeders will try to mate a pug and beagle without knowing anything about dog breeding and with little dog breed information. What often ends up happening as a result, the puggle will often have genetic disorders and problems as they get older. Another thing that many unskilled dog breeders overlook is temperment testing and finding the right mix to come out right. Puggle dogs are great animals and like any great animal they should be bred with respect and dignity.
It may seem like a contridiction in terms jumping from a animal shelter view to a qualified breeder view, but it all depends on the needs of the buyer. I personally would never want to see a love capable dog be put to sleep, however you do want a healthy dog that will be with you quite a long time. It is a catch 22 I guess.
Puggle breeders are often very trained breeders who take pride in breeding a very nice puppy. Much controversy has been brought up from purebred owners in claims that puggles are simply a mutt. This is somewhat true however Puggle dogs can be well bred like any other dog plus have less of a tendency to be inbred due to overbreeding. This makes a smarter dog with less emotional problems often times.
One thing is for certain though, puggle puppies are cute! Puggle puppies are sooo incredibley cute that they touch the hearts of all they come in counter with.
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